The complete list of changes

RudeHash 9.0 (TBD)

  • New algos: PHI2, Skein
  • Updates: ccminer-klaust 8.22, ccminer-tpruvot 2.3, DSTM 0.6.1, PowerShell 6.1.0-preview4
  • Change DNS resolver to
  • Remove Bulwark, Hshare coins
  • Remove HSR, Nist5 algos
  • Fix Tribus missing from Config Editor
  • Fix Skein profit calculation on zpool

RudeHash 8.0 (2018-04-01)

  • New pools: TheBSODPool
  • New coins: Denarius, GINcoin, Pigeoncoin
  • New algos: Tribus, X16S
  • New miners: ccminer-alexis-hsr, nevermore-x16s, suprminer
  • Updates: ethminer v0.14.0rc2
  • Add support for mining profiles
  • Add support for hsrminer's API
  • Add config generator & validator tool
  • Add version info to monitoring
  • Add installer
  • Change config location to AppData
  • Change miner/tool/temp location to LocalAppData
  • Always show related help when requesting user input
  • Remove Polytimos from zpool
  • Fix displaying earnings less than 0.0001 BTC
  • Fix zero earnings when WhatToMine/pool API request fails
  • Fix Watchdog hash rate detection when miner API starts very slowly
  • Fix mining nonexchangeable altcoins to altcoin wallet on Zergpool

RudeHash 7.1 (2018-03-20)

  • New pools: MasterHash
  • Update Zergpool stratum addresses
  • Fix WhatToMine calculations failing due to added DDoS protection
  • Fix validating electricity cost

RudeHash 7.0 (2018-03-18)

  • New coins: Bulwark, Criptoreal, Garlicoin, Infinex, Polytimos, Zcoin
  • New pools: Poolr
  • New algos: Allium, Lyra2Z, Nist5
  • New miners: ccminer-allium, ccminer-palginmod
  • Updates: ccminer-klaust 8.21
  • Add support for altcoin wallet payouts
  • Add remarks for config options during First Run Wizard
  • Sort possible values in First Run Wizard
  • Use current pool's API for algo profit estimation
  • Validate pool's IP address before using it
  • Retry pool IP lookup 3 times
  • Fix Zergpool auto-exchange checks
  • Fix earnings estimates failing with certain regional settings

RudeHash 6.0 (2018-03-14)

  • Add support for Zergpool
  • Add support for Bitcore, BitSend, Creativecoin, Folm Coin, Hshare, LUXCoin, Solaris, Trezarcoin
  • Add support for TimeTravel10, Xevan
  • Add support for ccminer-xevan, hsrminer-neoscrypt
  • Clear DNS cache upon miner crash and use Quad9 DNS for resolution
  • Don't require a restart when changing the region
  • Re-download miner if deleted during mining
  • Improve First Run Wizard
  • Update ethminer to v0.14.0.dev4

RudeHash 5.0 (2018-03-09)

  • Add own site with monitoring
  • Add 10 minutes dev fee after every 24 hours of continuous mining
  • Add Suprnova support
  • Add Keccak-C, X16R support
  • Add Bitcoin Private, Ravencoin, Kreds support
  • Add miner's uptime to statistics
  • Add support for MPHStats monitoring
  • Use IP address to connect to pool and update upon miner crash
  • Fix erroneous stat requests during miner crashes
  • Fix potential miner version check errors
  • Fix failing WhatToMine estimates due to their changed formatting

RudeHash 4.0 (2018-03-04)

  • Add support for NiceHash pool
  • Add power usage and hash rate monitoring
  • Add profit estimation for coins
  • Add earnings and profit estimation for algos via NiceHash API
  • Add support for fiat currency conversion
  • Add watchdog to restart if hash rate is repeatedly zero
  • Add interactive config validation and first run wizard
  • Add support for MultiPoolMiner's monitoring service
  • Add support for extra miner paremeters
  • Add support for ccminer-polytimos
  • Add support for hsrminer
  • Check downloaded miners' versions and update if needed
  • Update DSTM to v0.6
  • Update ethminer to v0.14.0.dev3
  • Change config file format to JSON
  • Fix pool fee not being deducted from earnings for algos
  • Improved error handling

RudeHash 3.0 (2018-02-26)

  • Add support for algo mining
  • Add support for zpool
  • Add support for ccminer-phi
  • Improved config validation
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved user interface
  • Adjustments for MiningPoolHubStats

RudeHash 2.1 (2018-02-23)

  • Add support for Excavator
  • Improved error handling

RudeHash 2.0 (2018-02-18)

  • Remove Bminer support
  • Add support for ccminer-klaust, vertminer
  • Add support for BitcoinGold, Ethereum, Feathercoin, Monacoin, Vertcoin
  • Detect required algo automatically
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved user interface

RudeHash 1.2 (2018-02-12)

  • Add ccminer-tpruvot support
  • Add Debug option
  • Check coin-miner compatibility

RudeHash 1.1 (2018-02-08)

  • Download miners automatically
  • Add support for Bminer, DSTM
  • Allow setting the region

RudeHash 1.0 (2018-02-06)

  • Add support for Zec Miner
  • Add support for ZCash, ZClassic, ZenCash
  • Restart miner automatically
  • Estimate daily income via WhatToMine