NVIDIA miner written in PowerShell



RudeHash is a wrapper script to mine coins and algos on NVIDIA GPUs, written in PowerShell. Features:

  • Simple, self-contained installation wizard
  • Easy switching between supported pools, coins, algos and miners
  • Automatic download of miners
  • Auto-restart upon miner crash
  • Earnings and profit estimation, using WhatToMine for coins and pool APIs for algos
  • Watchdog to restart mining automatically if hash rate is repeatedly zero
  • Interactive first run wizard
  • Intuitive config editor & validator
  • Miner status reporting to RudeHash Monitoring and MPHStats
  • Mining profiles


Pick the development version of RudeHash for the latest features and goodies, but be warned, this code is less stable, and things might get shaky!

Important: on Suprnova you need to manually create your workers on the pool website beforehand. Make sure to always set the password to x, otherwise authentication will fail!

Important: certain antivirus software may randomly delete your miner executables. For this reason, it is recommended to add the %LOCALAPPDATA%\RudeHash folder to your AV's exclusions.



Algo Miner
Allium ccminer-allium
Ethash ethminer, Excavator
EquiHash ccminer-tpruvot, DSTM, Excavator, Zec Miner
Keccak-C ccminer-tpruvot
Lyra2REv2 ccminer-alexis-hsr, ccminer-klaust, ccminer-palginmod, ccminer-tpruvot, Excavator, vertminer
Lyra2Z ccminer-palginmod, ccminer-tpruvot
NeoScrypt ccminer-alexis-hsr, ccminer-klaust, ccminer-palginmod, ccminer-tpruvot, Excavator, hsrminer-neoscrypt
PHI1612 ccminer-phi, ccminer-tpruvot
PHI2 ccminer-tpruvot
Polytimos ccminer-polytimos, ccminer-tpruvot
Skein ccminer-alexis-hsr, ccminer-klaust, ccminer-palginmod, ccminer-tpruvot, suprminer
TimeTravel10 ccminer-tpruvot
Tribus ccminer-tpruvot
X16R ccminer-rvn, suprminer
X16S nevermore-x16s, suprminer
Xevan ccminer-xevan


Symbol Name Algo
BSD BitSend Xevan
BTCP Bitcoin Private EquiHash
BTG Bitcoin Gold EquiHash
BTX Bitcore TimeTravel10
CREA Creativecoin Keccak-C
CRS Criptoreal Lyra2Z
DNR Denarius Tribus
ETH Ethereum Ethash
FLM Folm Coin PHI1612
FTC Feathercoin NeoScrypt
GIN GINcoin NeoScrypt
GRLC Garlicoin Allium
IFX Infinex Lyra2Z
KREDS Kreds Lyra2REv2
MONA Monacoin Lyra2REv2
PGN Pigeoncoin X16S
POLY Polytimos Polytimos
RVN Ravencoin X16R
TZC Trezarcoin NeoScrypt
VTC Vertcoin Lyra2REv2
XLR Solaris Xevan
XZC Zcoin Lyra2Z
ZCL ZClassic EquiHash
ZEC Zcash EquiHash
ZEN ZenCash EquiHash


Pool Mining modes Payout to Wallet currencies
MasterHash coin Own wallet Altcoin
Mining Pool Hub algo, coin Site balance N/A
NiceHash algo Own wallet Bitcoin
Poolr coin Own wallet Altcoin
Suprnova coin Site balance N/A
TheBSODPool coin Own wallet Altcoin
Zergpool algo, coin Own wallet Bitcoin, Altcoin
zpool algo Own wallet Bitcoin
  • Own wallet means you mine directly to your wallet. In this case, you can specify a username during the First Run Wizard, but it'll be ignored on this specific pool.
  • Site balance means you need to register on the pool's website beforehand. The payments will appear under your pool account, and you can specify the payout address on the site, not in RudeHash. In this case, you can specify a wallet address during the First Run Wizard, but it'll be ignored on this specific pool.

The reason why RudeHash still asks for both information during the First Run Wizard is the fact that you may switch to a different pool later on, which does require the other info. It's just an option, and you can skip entering it by simply pressing Enter when RudeHash asks for it. Don't worry, if you skip an option that is mandatory for your setup, RudeHash will let you know and ask you to re-enter.


RudeHash Monitoring

One option you have is RudeHash Monitoring, which is based on MultiPoolMiner Monitoring. Enter the key generated by RudeHash, and you're ready to go. If you no longer need a worker, just click 'Delete'.



RudeHash also supports MPHStats. You can easily identify your individual rigs and their stats, and it works well even if you mix pools.


Pool pages

You can also check the pools' corresponding status pages:

  • NiceHash:<wallet>
  • Suprnova: https://<coin><wallet>
  • zpool:<wallet>


  • Dev fee?

It's 10 minutes after every 24 straight hours of your mining time (about 0.7% at the very most). While most other miners makes sure the dev fees are secured first, and only then starts mining for the user, RudeHash takes the opposite approach. Upon start, I get no dev fee, only after the first 24 hours. If you restart RudeHash before any 24 hour run, I get no dev fee. If the miner crashes before any 24 hour run, I get no dev fee. I only get dev fee once the currently running miner's uptime reaches 24 hours. I want full transparency on this, thus during dev mining, the progress is shown in the stats, and it's also indicated clearly on all supported monitoring sites.

  • What's the point of this tool? I could mine with just a one line batch file!

That's correct. But when you make your choice, you gotta find the stratum URL, the port number, the algo, the corresponding miner, the miner's specific command line arguments... and once you pick a different mining target, you can start it all over again. On all your rigs. This constant messing around quickly becomes a tedious burden.

With RudeHash, you can forget about all of this. Just edit your config: select pool, algo and miner from a pre-defined, well-tested list, enter your credentials, and start mining!

  • Why algo/coin mining? I could increase my profits with a sophisticated algo-switching miner!

Algo-switching is based on the idea of relatively short spikes in exchange rates of a particular coin. It kinda worked for a while on NiceHash, where the pool operates on a PPS scheme, and you are credited in BTC within minutes. On other pools you're usually working in a PPLNS or similar scheme, and your earnings are on exchanges for several hours. Which totally defeats the whole purpose, i.e. quickly mining and exchanging a coin while it's hot.

In fact, not even NiceHash' algo-switching works currently, because buyers are constantly manipulating the market with cancelled orders, and so most people end up disabling all but 1 or 2 algos.

  • AMD support?

Actually, I'm not certain that RudeHash does not work with AMD hardware. I just don't test it at all, because I have zero AMD hardware at hand, and by the look of things it will stay that way.