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RudeHash 8.0 (2018-04-01)

  • New pools: TheBSODPool
  • New coins: Denarius, GINcoin, Pigeoncoin
  • New algos: Tribus, X16S
  • New miners: ccminer-alexis-hsr, nevermore-x16s, suprminer
  • Updates: ethminer v0.14.0rc2
  • Add support for mining profiles
  • Add support for hsrminer's API
  • Add config generator & validator tool
  • Add version info to monitoring
  • Add installer
  • Change config location to AppData
  • Change miner/tool/temp location to LocalAppData
  • Always show related help when requesting user input
  • Remove Polytimos from zpool
  • Fix displaying earnings less than 0.0001 BTC
  • Fix zero earnings when WhatToMine/pool API request fails
  • Fix Watchdog hash rate detection when miner API starts very slowly
  • Fix mining nonexchangeable altcoins to altcoin wallet on Zergpool

RudeHash 9.0 (TBD)

  • New algos: PHI2, Skein
  • Updates: ccminer-klaust 8.22, ccminer-tpruvot 2.3, DSTM 0.6.1, PowerShell 6.1.0-preview4
  • Change DNS resolver to
  • Remove Bulwark, Hshare coins
  • Remove HSR, Nist5 algos
  • Fix Tribus missing from Config Editor
  • Fix Skein profit calculation on zpool
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